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Who am I

Me and the amazing and inspiring Tara Stiles
on the day I finished my Strala 200 Hour Ready to Lead
class in London.
The room in Spring House, London, where magic happened. 

Hello peeps,

this is my very first post in English, so please excuse some weird expressions since it's not my mother tongue language.

Why I am choosing to continue my blog in a foreign language? Because I want to reach more people and: aren't we all international?

I just came back from the Strala Yoga teaching class in London where I met the most wonderful women from all over the world.

Where I learned to listen to my inner self.

Where I found out that it is not the outside but my very own feeling that should lead my body.

Where I started the process of letting go (which is very difficult).

Where I asked myself for the first time: Who am I (thank you, Tara Stiles).
Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor with their class, my new soulmates.
I must admit: There is no proper answer, because it changes every day. Some days I am happy. Sometimes I am quiet. Sometimes I can't focus. Sometimes I am insecure.

But what's for sure: I am myself. With every inhale and every exhale. And it's ok to shut my thoughts about others and just center on me.

It's ok to inhale all the energy I need to be a better and content me.
And it's ok to keep this energy to stay in a flow of happiness and balance.

Because only then other beloved people can benefit from my will to help. I realized that it's not me who make them happy, but they can feel my positivity and ease. And it's up to them to resort to the same process.

I can brighten someone's days and moments. This is what I want to do by being focused, listening to my inner voice and don't let bad energy (aka stress) take over me.

From now on I want to sway through life, with ease, gratitude and appraisal.

Of course, life is not an easy path, problems and obstacles will cross my way. Anger, displeasure and bad thoughts will come along. I am conscious about "real life", but I want to fill my little world with respect towards me and others, love, compassion and positive vibes.
I will zoom in on the good things instead of bad offenses, on solutions instead in problems, on the light instead of the dark, on love instead of hate, on every second instead of decades.
I will live to the fullest instead of passing by, focus on the very moment instead of worrying about the future.
I will face everyone with benignity, without prejudice and smile my way along.

Thank you, Tara Stiles, Mike Taylor, Sam Berlind and all my amazing new friends from all over the world whom I pronounce the biggest respect and who have changed my view on so many things.

Love, Moni

Wall of ease.


Be you. That's all that matters.

Me with the wonderful And and Emily and Belen.

Strala love ;)

Girls, girls, girls.


  1. Love this post! What a perfect summary! Strala is a powerful practice that brings together amazing people. Let’s spread the “ease”! xx

  2. I must appreciate you for this great blog post. My Personal Trainer going to look at your body, which allows us to work out exactly what you need to do to get healthier.


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