Come in and fitness out


Do you FOMO?

I am spinning around. But not on a bike, my mind is taking high speed tempo at it's best. 

Was the decision right to spend so much money on the vacay trip next summer? Will it be nice weather there? Can I stay away for twoweeks from my job? What if my friends plan spontaneous fun trips, I won't be able to join them? Ahhhh!

My thoughts were driving me crazy until I realized: I have FOMO. This new phenomenom is a concomitant to social media and means in the full version: "The fear of missing out". Oh yes: Instagram, Facebook etc. heat it up. 

Not only do I live in the past (aka bad or right decisions) and in the future (how will it be?), but also in the digital non-existent reality. Another hurdle to not live in the present, the here and now. 

I caught myself to always focus on others, on my past decisions and what the future will bring. And often I forget to just inhale and enjoy this present second. Be joyful for the moment I am just experiencing. And most important: To feel. 

This is so important, because we don't remember moments if we don't feel them. 

A harvard study proves that people who don't digress easily are happier. But it is so hard to live in the very moment. 

That's why I thought about some points to live the moment with more consciousness:

Me time

Believe me, it is so cool to go out with yourself. I went on a date with myself a few times in the past months and it was the best thing I could have done. You focus more on the play, on the people around you, the food. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my loved ones. But taking time for ourselves is so important too. 

Morning routine

 I try to get up 15 to 30 minutes earlier than usual and start the day easy and calm. I make my coffee, close my eyes after taking the first sip and just enjoy the moment. On my way to the office I try not to think about the upcoming working day. 

Negative feelings

I am a pro in repressing bad feelings. What I do now is to allow bad emotions. I reflect and accept stressful situations. Being late for an appointment is not the end of the world. I also try to not let other people transfer their bad energy on me. It is their problem, not mine. I can try to help them by being with myself and calm. But I will not absorbe their emotions. 


I listen to my friends and don't interrupt their stories with my own experiences. It's their life and I can't compare myself to their situation. How often do we just listen? I keep in mind, that I don't have to have a solution every time. 


And one of the most difficult things nowadays: Putting the phone aside and focus on the person next to me or on the things I am doing. I try not to check my Instagram account or react at every "bing". 

Everything happens for a reason and it is this very moment that brings me a step further in what I become in the future - may it be tomorrow or in a year. I want to be more aware of this magic and thankful for the small joyful breaths. 

And now inhale and exhale. And smile :)

Have a great easter Monday everyone!

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